The foodservice sector is at the forefront of the battle to combat obesity, poor nutrition and mental health.

Now is the time to celebrate the Scottish educational establishments that are leading the way.

There is increasing acceptance that the need to nurture the young is not simply confined to education; in fact, it includes everything that surrounds the entire system.
Schools have been working hard to create new solutions which aim to support young people in daily life. This includes helping to create new processes that develop mental robustness, strong life skills and a greater understanding of good diet and nutrition. There is a genuine enthusiasm and demand for change, as well as for the need to ensure young people are being nurtured as effectively as possible.

The foodservice sector sits right at the centre of this drive, and companies are becoming increasingly aware that their remit can be far wider reaching than has traditionally been the case. Foodservice today really does impact directly on diet and nutrition, and it is an important ally in combating both obesity and mental health issues. Indeed, schools and educational establishments all over the country are reintroducing cookery lessons back into the school curriculum in order to teach important life skills alongside the benefits of effective teamwork.

We believe that this in itself could herald the start of a new golden era for foodservice, one in which it plays an ever-higher profile role in daily life. Food is one of the few genuine universal languages today; it brings people together and fosters a genuine sense of joy in daily life.

A joint venture between EP and Catering Scotland, EPCIS Media’s aim is to highlight the importance of foodservice in nurturing the young and to celebrate the educational institutions that are leading the way in this area.

We believe in the power, importance and influence of foodservice, and that it really can play an important role in everyday life. There are great people all across the sector who want to create special experiences while making a real difference. Foodservice is currently engineering its own change agenda; one whose story we are keen to tell. Please, we ask, do come and join us in this journey.