The first opportunity in a generation to create genuine change


An opportunity to make a difference

Over the last four months, we have hosted a series of forums to discuss the opportunity of creating a strong message for the food service sector to ensure that a stronger voice for the sector is developed and also showcase the sector better than arguably has historically been the case. Our argument is that this is perhaps the first opportunity in a generation to create genuine change and we believe that we have a framework coming together to allow this to happen.

We are often being asked why are we doing this and debating the need for a strong message? The simple answer is that we believe that it is important for the sector as it has the potential to step forward and be seen in a stronger light, attract greater investment into services and people and generate change which is really beneficial for all sides. In simple terms, it is genuinely the right thing to do.

So what are we proposing?

As of the start of September, we aim to launch a campaign to the C-Suite of client organisations to showcase and highlight:

  • How great food service can impact positively on productivity and mental health. These are two key issues that are really of importance to organisations and where food service can positively impact
  • To attract greater investment into training and people once again
  • To use sports players as role models to talk about the importance of nutrition and great food to all markets, from business to schools. We have a number of sports players from rugby, swimming, athletics and football who are open to working with us. It adds a new dimension to the argument that can make a difference
  • We have two PR companies open to working with us to help develop the campaign and the messaging
  • To support the development of the Chef’s Manifesto and the key sustainability goals
  • To raise the profile of the industry as one making a real difference to attract great talent

To give a voice to new generations and their ideas

We are positioned to launch this but we can’t do this alone and will need support from Industry.

One of the key questions that has been debated is whether fiercely competitive companies are able to work together and whether all companies will support. Companies will always be competitive and rightly so but the sector can also work together to create a stronger message for the how to make a positive impact on client organisations and attract real investment into the services. As we face Brexit and an uncertain market, it would seem to be a logical approach to take and our argument is that Industry should lead such an effort. This is a sales and marketing campaign to showcase and promote the sector better and to attract investment in return.

We do not expect every company to support the approach or campaign but there is a good base already. If we can start with this group then we can start the campaign and begin to create a change agenda. Logic will say that if we achieve our goal of reaching C-suite, those that are involved in the campaign will probably get a return and open new doors as a result. It should create a win-win and also bring both consultants and operators closer together to talk about an Industry that most love in a positive light.

It will be a challenge but we believe that the door is open to C-Suite, that they want to hear from Industry and want to hear a better message than that which they are hearing at this time.

Thank you to Sodexo and IndiCater for sponsoring the latest Think Tank session

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