The exclusive reveal of the Great Service Debate

This week EP and Penshee hosted a reveal of the Great Service Debate thus far at the Independent Hotel Show and held a stimulating conversation with senior players on the key findings.

With one session left to go this year, The Great Service Debate is being released towards the end of the year and will include summaries of the two main questions:

  1. What is great service?
  2. How to we achieve it across our sector?

It has been a fascinating series of breakfast roundtable discussions, held at The Goring Hotel. The aim throughout has been the question – can we reach a general consensus on what great service is?

At the Independent Hotel Show, where 6300 owners and operators from UK luxury, boutique and independent hotels attend, EP and Penshee were joined by:

  • Rob Flinter, General Manager, Park Plaza London Riverbank
  • Alan Williams, Director, Servicebrand Global
  • Seth Lewis, Senior Lecturer Hospitality and Tourism Management, Coventry University London

Each provided a different perspective and insight into the topic and shared stories and anecdote’s on service experiences. With fascinating questions the debate is set to go even further and the hope is it will open up to the views and insights of front line employees but also the guest/customer.