The Evolution of EP

We bring Industry together to talk & connect

Since its founding, back in 2005, EP has evolved from being primarily a magazine and the hosting of forums to become a business that brings people together through events and content. In truth, little has changed. EP was originally founded to champion real debate on key issues and push back against the growth of process, job boards; to make a stand that little is more important than relationships. At the time, many felt there were not enough real discussion forums where issues could be raised.

Today we stand by the same principles. Little is of more importance than bringing people together to talk, connect and build professional friendships and networks. It may be old fashioned but it is as true today as ever.

EP Events

During 2020, EP will have hosted over 100 events; many virtual events, as well as pre-pandemic dinners, forums and conferences. EP has become well known for the way and manner that it hosts events, through thought leadership and progressive ideas and where each guests matters.

EP also organises and hosts events on behalf of leading companies from all across the hospitality spectrum.

During 2020, many have enjoyed EP’s events and discussions as they have found reassurance in the hardest of times, new friendships and contacts as well as finding new ideas and innovation that has helped many work through their own plans for the future.

Creating a successful event is not as easy as it may seem. It takes great care and skill to bring people together in an environment where they can feel safe, trust and want to contribute.

Do you need an event organised or curated? If so, please do contact us.

Emerging Leaders Network & The Leadership Hub

For a long time, it has been a core principle for EP to help support the development of emerging leaders by bringing both experts and talent together through informal social forums with a focus on building new contacts, sharing knowledge and finding new friendships.

In 2021, EP is delighted to announce an alliance with both The Army & Navy Club as well as X-Forces Enterprises which will aim to host excellent monthly events and dinners but also bring together knowledge and talent from across different worlds including hospitality, the forces, entrepreneurs, facilities management, law, sport and financial services.

In 2021, we are aiming to announce the founding of a new leadership development hub which is a home for learning, exploring ideas and meeting great experts and mentors. Learning should be less about being talked at but learning through great conversation and meeting new people.

Talking about what matters.

Our overall programme also includes:

· Youtube interviews and discussions. Each week, we are delighted to interview and talk to great experts and leaders from across hospitality. During 2020, we have hosted over 75

interviews with some of the top leaders in the sector who have shared their views and knowledge.

· EP campaigns. We may host great events for clients but we also run campaigns for what matters to many. These include:

o Fuelling Productivity – great food service and hospitality do impact directly on how companies perform. It was Napoleon who said that “an army marches on its stomach” and it is no different with companies today. Great food brings together people to refresh, nourish, and talk. It is important and the sector has such an important role to play as business rebuilds.

o Leadership is important – many would argue that it has been sad to see the gulf which has taken place between leaders and emerging talent. History shows that performance improves when the young can see an opportunity for upward progression and EP is there to support young talent seeking to grow.

o Big Business can help the new – it is an old belief that big business needs small business and entrepreneurs and vice versa. We ask for many large companies to work proactively with entrepreneurs, which does account for close to 90% of the economy so that both can prosper together.

o Hotels can be a community pillar – when so many traditional pillars have fallen so Hotels can play an ever more meaningful leadership role in communities.

o FairtipShare – EP has played a central and supportive role in the founding of this important new body promoting fair tipping to hospitality staff.

· Editorial comment – each week, EP publishes a range of thought-provoking pieces on topics being debated around the sector.