The EP Entrepreneurs Pitch – February 2019

Last year GDPR and Brexit dominated business agendas and 2019 has already started with a bang with EP holding its first Entrepreneurs Pitch event in early February.

Businesses are constantly looking for new disruptive ways of staying ahead of their competition and at the same time there are many innovative and agile businesses bringing new ideas into the fold. There is a natural marriage and EP is bringing both worlds together.

Senior players from across the hospitality arena came together to interact with five exciting entrepreneurs who pitched their products and services.

Charlie Gardner, Founder of the Cold Pressed Oil Company showcased his multi award winning Pure Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil. Produced on his farm in the Hampshire countryside, Charlie explained the traditional methods used to create his oil and how they maintain all of its natural goodness and quality which results in a smooth, tasty, nutty flavoured oil.



The room enjoyed a taste of La Dolce Vita during the EP Pitch with Massimo Franchi, the inspirational character and driving force behind the traditional Gelato Company, Badiani. A leading historical geleteria born in Florence, Badiani came to life in the 1932 and they are now establishing themselves in the London market. La Dolce Vita is their award winning flavour and the room fell silent as they enjoyed every spoonful of this traditional Italian gelato.



Sophie Harvey, Founder of Soffle’s Pitta Chips brought a range of delicious pita crisps made with fresh 100% natural ingredients which the room enjoyed munching on, a great alternative to crisps and so versitile. Flavours include Spring Onion & Italian Cheese and Chili & Garlic. Sophie shared her journey which started in a home kitchen and involved her peddling her wares to now exponential growth of her pitta chips empire that are the perfect accompaniment to beer.



A presentation from Sipple Hydration stations showcased their solution to hydration without the plastic waste. Richard Elmer and Lee Congdon presented their Sipple Hydration Stations which serve freshly filtered, UV purified water, either cool or icy cold. They even solve the dilemma of not having a bottle to use by selling a reusable one at the same time. Their goal is to change the way the UK hydrates, eliminates excessive waste and protects the planet.



Good messages that do good and promote productivity and service quality was core to the presentation by Richard Carruthers, Founder of Tosay. Tosay is a place where customers can leave positive reviews on members of staff with the aim of encouraging and inspiring and to make employees feel appreciated. Every business has a different system and it can take time and hassle to fill in forms, surveys or write letters. Tosay makes it easier and enables customers to send positive only message to anybody.