The Entrepreneurs Club

The Hospitality industry possesses an entrepreneurial culture where emerging talents are supported by companies and investors. A broad range of concepts have received success of varying levels.

Many entrepreneurs are entering the industry and will build and defend their concept or business with an emphasis on their point of difference. These new, creative and exciting ideas are formed by passionate people and EP wants to support them along their journey.

The aim of the Club is to bring together entrepreneurs, companies and the industry to help growth, and create an ongoing interaction between them. With consistent events a community has been formed which works as one.

 For some time EP has been holding its pitching events which brings encouragement and challenges many entrepreneurs to pitch their business to a room of industry experts. These events have now been built on and the hope is that companies will continue to support the new and exciting which in turn provides value of some kind for their own work. It has been encouraging active behaviour from all involved which in turn shows that there is a wealth of talent and a desire to support, across the whole hospitality sector.

With a history of supporting new talent, perceptions do not need to change in the industry. The Club is more lightening the way for entrepreneurs with a goal of communicating not only the strategic value of the role they play in various departments within hospitality businesses but also the collective gain of embracing new concepts and rethinks to existing models.

It can be argued that some have struggled to see the value of entrepreneurs and innovation beyond the ‘nice’. It is more valuable to business than just this. As an example, a product which is sustainable and eco-friendly which can improve the business it not just for brand management. It plays a strategic role and helps various issues related to the environment, the bottom line and employee morale.

Sales, customer service, manufacturing/operations, purchasing, marketing, HR are all essential parts of a successful business. Innovation in any of these areas can only be good for a company and without trying, how would any product anyone ever know just how good a new idea or product could be. Entrepreneurs can truly aid a business in the full spectrum of an organisation – in the strategic function, executive function, perception, reputation and more. It is not just communication focused. Not to mention the financial implications of investment or for business.

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