The Entrepreneurs Club

Last week’s article which noted that EP aims to once again host Entrepreneur Pitches was seemingly very well received across the board. We were also approached by a number of entrepreneurs who understandably want to see if they can find support in reaching potential clients.

This has long been EP’s goals, from the days it used to run an initiative called “Robin Hood Revisited” which used to work with close to 100 young businesses seeking to connect with industry. The aim of the initiative was simply to promote the agenda to corporates to encourage a strong alliance and support between the two groups. Our base rationale is that the industry is always stronger when there is a good relationship between the corporate and the entrepreneur. The same is true today.

We are, therefore, also delighted to launch the entrepreneurs club which is open to all – entrepreneurs, investors, business, consultants, industry professionals; those who are open to working with and supporting innovators. If we can build a strong enough “home” for innovators, the odds are that the industry will always be strong.

The challenge though to corporates is not to be too strict in how they work and interact with entrepreneurial ideas. It is three times harder today to found a business and grow than it was twenty years ago. Somehow it does need to be eased as, of course, the more opportunity which entrepreneurs can be given, then the stronger the economy.
It is important that we can find the right balance. It has been well noted that more and more employees do opt out of corporate careers throughout their careers. Interestingly, some research in 2022 noted that it was those in their 40s were leading the way in becoming entrepreneurs. There is some exceptional talent taking the jump and the risk; and naturally they need help and support.

The aim of the club is to bring together those who care about innovation and entrepreneurship. It can be a route to access new clients and business, to find advice and mentors, Non Execs, new friendships, access to angels and investors, professional advice and more.

For the corporates, the opportunity is to constantly see and hear about new ideas and innovations which are emerging. The world is emerging at such a pace, it is important to be able to see first hand how change is evolving.