The Emerging Leaders Network

There are times in life, when people want to belong to something more.

The Emerging Leaders Club…aimed to enable talent
and share knowledge

Do you want to belong to a network where you can share ideas and knowledge? Where you can learn from others? Where you will be supported and promoted?

Life today has changed. Many write about the concerns about emerging talent but the truth is the landscape has moved on and today everyone today needs to feel that they belong and can access support.

The objective of the Emerging Leaders Network is to create a membership of like-minded people who feel they can learn together, access help, support and promotion when needed and who can meet some exceptional leaders from industry happy to share their knowledge.

If ever there was a time to enable talent, it is now. The changing work patterns will naturally require companies to empower and trust once again in younger people. This was the norm in the 1980s and 90s, it was a reality that allowed many of today’s leaders to be successful as they did feel enabled as they grew in their careers. The business became increasingly controlled and fewer new leaders emerged.

So many L&D professionals we meet tell us that they have it all under control but the hard truth is that the stats are getting worse and an increasing number are seeking something more. It is not just about L&D. It is about companies and individuals being able to learn, grow and to make a difference.

This is the essence of the Emerging Leaders network. The network brings together people from all walks of life – from sport to hospitality, law, innovators and financial services to meet, build friendships that are cross-industry borders and also a chance to make a difference both locally and on a wider level.

What does membership bring:

· Weekly virtual discussion forums for sharing ideas and knowledge

· Monthly dinners and events as soon as is possible. We are hoping to host the first dinner in October

· Involvement in key industry initiatives and causes

· EP will champion and promote great talent.

· Access to mentors and industry experts.