The Emerging Leaders Network

“I’m not much for sitting around and thinking about the past or talking about the past. What does that accomplish?
If I can give young people something to think about, like the future, that’s a better use of my time”
(Arnold Palmer)

It would, of course, be foolish to forecast the future as there are so many uncertainties and the hard truth is that any leader will need to accept that they will operate against a consistently changing and uncertain background. On this basis,being able to access knowledge and expertise could not be of more importance.

Life today has changed. Many write about the concerns about emerging talent but the truth is the landscape has moved on and today everyone today needs to feel that they belong and can access support.

The core values of the network are simple; learning from proven leaders, the share of knowledge, and the exploration of new ideas, the building of a community and new friendships which do cross industry boundaries and create something that can be of value for the rest of one’s career.

If ever there was a time to enable talent, it is now. The changing work patterns will naturally require companies to empower and trust once again in younger people. This was the norm in the 1980s and 90s, it was a reality that allowed many of today’s leaders to be successful as they did feel enabled as they grew in their careers. The business became increasingly controlled and fewer new leaders emerged. It is about companies and individuals being able to learn, grow and to make a difference.

Founding Members:

We are delighted to announce the following founding members who are themselves impressive emerging leaders but are also passionate about hospitality, business, talent development, people and have a positive outlook.

·         Joyce & Raissa De Haas – founders of Double Dutch drinks

·         Jannes Soerensen– General Manager – The Beaumont

·         Marianna Alfa – Managing Director & Executive Coach – Blossom Hospitality

·         Simon Houston – Director – Houston & Hawkes

·         Warren Miller – Resident Manager at Royal Over-Seas League

·         Adam Frost – Director of Training, Talent and Community Partnership at Levy Restaurants – (New York)

·         Inga Hjartardottir – Business and Hospitality Consultant

·         Olga Sommer – Hotel and Hospitality Consultant

·         Catherine Rice – Business Operations – Barings

·         Lyndsay Anderson – Leadership Development Mentor

·         Jill McMillan – Senior Leadership Development Consultant & Coach,

·         Matthieu Mioche – Learning and Development Mentor

·         Jayne Jones – Commercial Manager – Argyll and Bute Council (Scotland)

Strategic Alliance

We are also delighted to announce a strategic alliance with the Army & Navy Club who do share many of our values and beliefs in relation to the support of talent. We are excited by this alliance as it will allow the network to access some exceptional leadership mentors and knowledge from an arena where leadership really does make a crucial difference.

Together, we share the aim to create a membership of like-minded people who feel they can learn together, access support and meet exceptional leaders willing to share their knowledge. The alliance has been developed in partnership with X-Forces Enterprise (XFE), the UK’s largest provider of enterprise support to the ex-military in business.

Learning from Sport

As many will know, we also have long enjoyed a strong relationship with The Sporting Wine Club who has been a partner with EP and also with a range of sporting figures who are keen to share their own learnings from what it takes to find success in careers.

Altogether, the above creates an exciting network which brings together business leaders, military leaders and sporting champions together to support the development of future leaders.

Leadership will be so important as we aim to rebuild. Being to access learning and knowledge from proven experts could be invaluable, let alone the friendships and contacts that can become life long and build a community of purpose.