The Emerging Leaders Executive

The Emerging Leaders Executive


A professional development programme designed to support the needs of hospitality professionals

Over the last three years, EP has helped talent in the hospitality sector by hosting frequent events for emerging leaders from across the spectrum. In that time over 700 people have become part of The Emerging Leaders’ Network. The events have been popular but one of the questions often asked is: How we can raise the bar to really support leaders’ development.

One of the most common threads of feedback is that there is a desire for interactive, on-going, somewhat informal L&D focused on broader issues which also supports peer-to-peer group development.

Working hard behind the scenes to develop a solution, we are delighted to launch the Emerging Leaders Executive. This framework has come through discussions with the leaders themselves, designed for a particular audience.

The aim is to create a programme providing a social-learning experience, building professional friendships while offering real access to learning from industry’s best.

The Emerging Leaders Executive, an exclusive individual membership which provides:

  • The Leaders Dinner
    A regular series of dinner events, at which a leading industry player will talk about their career, thoughts and learnings. These will be relatively small and intimate affairs as the focus is about meeting and learning from the best-of-the-best. It is rare and difficult to meet the established and well-known leaders of our industry so the aim is to give members unique insight and access.
    Some of the confirmed guests who will speak at these events include
  • Ewan Venters, Managing Director at “Fortnum & Mason”
  • Bill Toner, CEO of “The CH&Co Group”
  • Bob Cotton, former CEO of “The British Hospitality Association”
  • Carl Weldon, CEO of “HOSPA”
  • Paulina Burbano de Lara, Executive Director at “Banco International”
  • Life Skills – Coaching and Mentoring
    With a range of mentors & coaches from across industry this will include “lessons” on

    • How to win over and influence people
    • How to present oneself for an audience
    • Meeting the expectations of senior directors#
    • Personal coaching
  • Essential Advice
    The Executive will have a number of leading professionals who will work alongside EP and who are ideally positioned to provide invaluable advice and insight. This group will include lawyers, accountants, marketers, human resource experts and operators.
  • Peer-to-Peer Group Sessions
    Selected groups work together to consider and discuss key issues and similar operational problems faced by all upcoming leaders. These sessions are focused on learning and growing as a group, a by-product of which is the development of excellent professional relationships in the long term.
  • International Trips
    International travel, learning in another culture and seeing some of the leading operations in action first hand are invaluable tools for any business leader. These trips will afford members of the Executive the opportunity to travel with like-minded professionals, to see and experience other operations, in other locations and to learn from international leaders.
  • Exclusive events and invitation only networking
    This is designed for the modern world when people do have less time but need informal expert support which fits into their schedules.

The Emerging Leaders Executive is designed to provide ongoing professional development from the early days in one’s career all the way to board level. The programme encourages professional friendships, learning and development – there to assist for those moments when objective, external support is needed. The Executive is intended to be a programme offering professional development in a structured yet flexible, informal way, designed to meet the needs of operators and business leaders in the sector.

Membership is £450 per year, with a discounted fee chargeable for some of the events & services listed (the cost of each event is made clear on the individual invitations)

Membership offers access to everything outlined, along with

  • Discount rates to specially selected events
  • Discounts on all activities
  • Subscription to EP Magazine and EP Online
  • Special hotel deals around the world
  • A full range of restaurant offers

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