The Craft of You

A recent report estimated that over 50% of those aged under 30 feel unprepared and poorly skilled in their world knowledge, in their ability to build trusted relationships with clients and in how they present themselves.

Another report estimated that 65% focus more on themselves than those they are communicating to. Other reports note a decline in knowledge.

Is this a failure of education or development? Whichever it is, there is a need to help talent improve.

A new business is in planning to launch a service called “The Craft of You”, which will be focused on helping coach people of all ages in how they socially interact with others, build relationships and develop their own knowledge.

So many talk about personal brands but this is more about coaching talent in something far more basic, a personal craft and what was often regarded as the basis of great hospitality – the craft involved in holding a meaningful conversation with anyone, the craft of networking, being able to listen, dressing well to influence and impress, and having strong levels of etiquette and respect. This is about boosting personal skills but also how they boost others through actions.

Knowledge today is crucial but so is how one behaves and acts towards others. This new approach is a combination of both. It is not about the personal brand but how one can impress and influence others. It is a craft which can be learned in how “you” can create a strong impression through how you talk, behave and act. However, knowledge does come into play as one also has to be able to hold a conversation with anyone of any level and so a culture of continuous learning is part of the approach. Are you able to talk to a board director with the same ease as a janitor, with both feeling the better for having met you and not thankful once you have left?

This was once the art of hospitality but it has now become the craft of you, far broader, as these skills impact in all environments and relationships and ultimately impact on business and success..

Many argue that the digital world and technology has created a new social norm; new behaviours, new dress codes, new accepted ways. Perhaps, but the evidence of the past year has also been that it has those with trusted relationships have been able to continue to do business and outperform those who have relied on digital methods.

Digital is here to stay and grow. So are relationships and one needs today to be skilled in both but also able to understand the world at large. It is said that due to the way that the digital world works, most people only read and hear what they themselves believe in rather than exploring other opinions and thinking which is why knowledge has therefore declined. It is estimated that the average middle manager is 30% less knowledgeable than 10 years ago and at the same time, is 25% more narrow in their focus; together they create a barrier to progression. So how is this reversed?

The Craft of You is about coaching talent to focus on self-improvement, to be broader in thinking, stronger listeners and learners whilst being skilled socially, able to genuinely converse with anyone and more able to influence.

The Craft of You is yet to launch but we are already in discussions with both business and industry to support younger talent who are new in or soon to be coming into the workplace as well as middle managers who need to evolve and others who want to improve on a personal level.

Relationships will once again be of premium value and so will be how one behaves. One never, in business or in life, wants to leave a conversation or a meeting where the sentiment is “thank goodness they have left.”

Coming soon: The Craft of You.

Please do get in touch if you would like further information