The Confidante

Feeling low?
Trying to make sense of this mad world?
You are not alone.

Last week did feel like the lowest point of the saga that is 2020. We are conscious that there will be many who feel low, sad and concerned about the future. Many leaders feel concerned for their people, both those we are still with their companies and those who left. It has been one of the real hallmarks of the crisis; the genuine care and compassion that many have felt for others.

It is important in this moment of darkness not to feel alone. It is for this reason that we have launched The Confidante. In Iwona Drozdz, we are fortunate to have a trained and experienced psychotherapist, who is more than ready and willing to be The Confidante for those who feel in need.

It is a completely confidential service, one designed simply for those you want to have someone they can talk to you, have a sounding board and be able to access advice. It is completely natural. Most of us have faced dark days, felt alone and down. It can be a dispiriting time. The one thing we all need is someone to talk to.

These are one of the most challenging times the industry has ever faced. To hear the Government describe those who are unable to work in non-viable jobs is close to insulting, especially when many operations are even to operate freely due to Government restrictions. It will be those who are most in need who will take the brunt of the measures and talent will be lost. The industry has fought long and hard to attract great talent. We all need to be there for those who do low.

So if you would like a fully confidential discussion, please contact Iwona on