The Confidante

It was Michael Bloomberg who commented that “What has changed is that people have stopped working together”. A new service is being created to reverse this trend.
Will it help?

Maybe one of the great truths of this time is that very few are able to forecast the future, understand some of the hidden trends or see the way forward. It is well documented that many leaders feel isolated. It is not just leaders but many managers and executives across all levels. Throughout time, leaders have needed someone to be their sounding board, their talking companion, a sounding boarding.

It was also well-documented pre-COVID that over 40% of employees suffered from loneliness in the work environment; that over 60% suffered from a level of anxiety and that 1:4 suffered from mental health issues. This will only have become worse during this crisis.

It is against this backdrop that The Confidante has been designed by a number of consultants coming together with a belief, often promoted by EP, in that we are all in this together and need to work together to find new solutions. From this, the experts have created a new model for this moment.

The aim is to provide those who feel under pressure, alone and isolated with an outlet, a sounding board and companion to talk to. It is a service which is as old as time. The difference is that traditionally the confidante was a fellow board member, friend or advisor. This service aims to provide objectivity, confidentiality and trusted opinions.

It was The Queen who once commented that: “whatever life throws at us, our individual responses will be all the stronger for working together and sharing the load.”

What is the cost?

Inspired by the recent trend of flexible pricing, it is the user who will determine the fee. The position taken is that this not about placing extra pressure on those who feel alone, pressurised and isolated but by ensuring that they can access support for when needed. It is, therefore, the user who can determine the value and set the fee level

History has shown that often such pricing policies result in the same level of the fee income; it just transfers the decision making to the end-user and most respect the level of trust shown. However, in a time when so many are under financial constraints, it was felt that this was the correct approach to be taken as it showed faith and care for those who do want to access a “Confidante”.

For more information on this new service being launched, please contact who will make introductions. All communication is completely confidential.