The Concept

Your business concept is critically important to build market position and grow your customer base.

From that light-bulb flash of generating a new idea, through the process of bringing that idea to life or through honing an established product to maintain market dominance, EP Business Evolution offers support for your concept in three critical ways:

  • New product / concept development
  • Operational implementation
  • Branding and positioning

New Product/Concept Development

EP Business Evolution has an unrivalled team of advisors who can support the creative process when you are shaping a fresh concept that will grow to define your business and the service or products that it offers.

From entirely new business models, fresh operational approaches to innovative products, our experts bring ideas to life and help you achieve and maintain your competitive advantage.

From inception to ‘on the ground’ delivery through to ongoing review, our multi disciplined advisors can help you to make it happen.

Operational Implementation

If it was just about a good idea – we could all be millionaires!

Once a new concept or product is envisaged and begins to take shape it will only succeed in the market if it reaches your customers efficiently. At EP Business Evolution, our advisors understand what is required to successfully implement a fresh idea, from supply chain management, to production, product presentation and all the economics involved.

With our advice and assistance, ideas will spring to life and flourish in the market.

Of course, it is not only new ideas that need implementing. Sometimes changing habits and mindsets to drive improvements in exisiting businesses can be even harder.

The world we live in moves at break-neck speed and consequently our businesses have to evolve too. We can help teams to objectively review their current business and identify areas for improvement. Then, far from stopping there with a new plan simply ‘on paper’, we can help you actually drive real change, on the ground to improve your business.

Branding and Positioning

All products and concepts require considered, well thought through branding to appropriately position them in the market. This branding must flow consistently across the physical space, web presence, products and service to maintain credibility and maximise impact.

Supporting that positioning is the marketing strategy that will propel your product into your customers’ world. EP Business Evolution offers exceptional advice on researching your market, positioning your product and driving its exposure via innovative marketing.