The Community Pillar

It is a strange irony that so much has been written about globalisation and brands over the last decade and yet, when Covid-19 has come calling, many have found greater joy and pleasure in localism and rediscovering communities, and of course, hospitality can play a key role as it sits in the heart of every community.

As more and more people look towards seeking something which is genuine and authentic, so they are turning to their local communities, its history, its produce and culture. For some, the importance lies in their vineyards, their food, wine and produce.

Hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars can play a far more proactive role in telling the story of their community’s history and cultural legacy. As guests seek ever greater experiences, it is a natural link for hospitality to be an ambassador for the culture of their region. As localism becomes ever more important, so hospitality has a genuine opportunity to show its genuine modern importance in culture and society. Hospitality can bring people together, bring a stable pillar that sits at the centre of communities.

In so many ways, it could be an exciting opportunity for those who grasp the opportunity. It is nothing new, simply finding a renewed voice. When one travels across France and Italy, one expects to engage by the great wines and produce of the regions. The French have long argued that their gastronomy has always been the best in the world as each region has stayed true to its own regional recipes, passed down from generation rather than create new fusions and food styles. It is the same in Italy as the Italian take great pride in their regional dishes and produce. It is genuine and authentic and one of the pleasures of travelling across Europe.

It is argued that localism is becoming ever more important to millennials had younger generations who are seeking a greater sense of belonging than the drive towards globalisation which has dominated the last twenty years.

Everyone talks about the new norm and the forecasts are that the new norm will not be about globalisation but about the importance of communities once again coming together. It will about sustainability in its broadest sense- environment, culture and social as well as economic. There is a growing call for a kinder society, greater collaboration and care. Hospitality has a major role to play.

EP will be promoting great stories of those operations who are working closely with the local communities, who are playing central roles and who are buying local.

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