The Change Agenda 2018

The Change Agenda 2018

There is a genuine desire and appetite for the industry to debate and create new solutions to confront and deal with issues that affect companies, of all sizes up and down the country.

The age old argument of lobbying government doesn’t work today because the government has enough issues on its own hands. The Hospitality Industry needs to find new solutions to the problems that it faces and show genuine leadership in a range of areas. It is a serious time and does need serious people working on finding good solutions.

As we enter 2018, EP intends to host a number of discussion forums on key issues that will include:

  • The People issue – Where will the labour force come from post Brexit and how can we lay the ground for the new generations to emerge successfully? We need to re-engage on the importance of culture, teams and the development of great talent.
  • Comms Strategy – One can argue that the industry does not possess a unified communications strategy that really does sell its story beyond the industry. Since we ran a number of features on how the industry can play an active role in society, we had a number of great case studies of great initiatives but few know of them.
  • Sustainability – Hospitality can play a genuine leadership role in this area and lead other industries.
  • Heath – How can we help Public Health England understand what our industry currently achieves with Child Obesity and agree achievable meaningful targets for further improvement.
  • SME’s – How can we influence The Crown Commercial Service to adopt procedures that allows SME’s to compete competently for Government Procurement opportunities.
  • Apprentices – To encourage the new Apprenticeship scheme/levy be used in the Spirit in which it was intended, that being to get young UK citizens into work.

There is much work to be done and our aim is to raise these issues for constructive debate and to find new ideas, new solutions for discussion.

If you are interested to be involved in the debates, then please come and join us. We will be promoting the dates for these debates and forums early in the New Year.

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