The call is growing for stronger collaboration and openness in outsourcing. Does this open the door for Vested?

Already this year, there is a growing mistrust growing as inflation begins to bite. Organisations are already asking questions about both the rise in prices and of course, the age old issue of discounts and rebates. One can almost hear the groan as the old discussions re-emerge. It was almost that many just settled into models which were less than strategic and fuelled mistrust.

The difference, in 2022 post-pandemic, is that many organisations and operators will not just settle for the status quo and want to explore better options. There is a growing desire for far stronger collaboration, openness and partnership; an understanding that open discussion can lead to far better relationships and results than the age old approaches which often fuelled mistrust.

It has been well documented that there has been a lack of trust from all sides. There is a long history which all can look to. However, there is such a growth today in issues which do require a higher level of discussion and which do ask for far better openness and partnership between sides. Vested in not just a methodology and business model but a mind-set to deal with difficult discussions in a far more productive fashion.

Is Vested here to stay?

Webinar – 21st June, 15.00 -16.30

EP is proud to hosting a webinar which does explore why there is a growing interest in Vested and explores what the approach does bring to ensuring stronger behaviours and performance.

Speakers include:

· Kate Vitasek, author, educator and architect of Vested

· Vince Edge, Senior Manager – supplier Governance EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

· John Alexander, Global Project Manager, Sodexo

· Julian Fris, Founder, Neller Davies

· Nigel Forbes, Managing Partner, Litmus

We hope you are able to join us for this webinar which does ask the question – Does Vested offer a stronger methodology and mindset for outsourcing?

To register for the webinar please contact lauran.bush@epmadmin