Vested – the webinar

We often talk of the lack of trust, the breakdown of trust within businesses, cultures and relationships and yet many firmly believe that true success can only be achieved with trust at the core for all involved.

EP was therefore delighted to co-host a webinar with Kate Vitasek, author, professor at the University of Tenessee and creator of the Vested model’s new way of thinking and behaviours where trust and mutual success sit at the core.

Win/win within business relationships where all parties were actively invested in and behaving towards creating each others successes is not only possible but essential. With thoughts and experiences from Vince Edge, Senior Manager – supplier Governance EMEA, Johnson & Johnson, John Alexander, Global Project Manager, Sodexo, Julian Fris, Founder and Principal, Neller Davies and Nigel Forbes, Executive Director, CH&Co Group, it was clear that not only is the Vested model beneficial for all parties involved, it actually creates an enjoyable and successful experience.

The whole Vested methodology piece is championing greater openness and transparency of key issues. How effective could it be if all parties were actively invested in their joint success?

A very interesting webinar, well worth a listen.