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Burritos over breakfast
Thursday September 11th 8am to 10am, St. James’s Park SW1H

1The quick service restaurant sector has been growing at pace in the UK with new chains, offerings and products on offer. Once the purview of burgers, chips and deep-fried fish, the sector has experienced something of a renaissance over the last few years with consumers demanding healthier options, sustainably resourced products and fresh ingredients.

2One business to emerge as a leader in this changing market has been “Barburrito, the UK’s first dedicated burrito bar. Growing from the first site in Manchester in 2005, there are now units throughout the UK with plans for more in the near future.

In partnership with the Business Growth Fund we are delighted to host a roundtable forum with Morgan Davies, founder of Barburrito for a conversation about challenges facing the sector, adapting to a changing environment and plans for the future.

The business of holiday
Wednesday September 17th 8am to 10am, Portland Place W1B

The holiday season can prove something of a nightmare for operators in the hospitality sector. While many industries are automatically geared towards something of a slowdown during the school breaks and long-weekends, conversely hotels and restaurants are in the midst of the some of the busiest trading periods of the year. While full-time and regular employees are keen to take annual leave, this means businesses are forced to bring in part-time and contract workers to fill-the-void.

However, while operators can usually adapt, there are a number of related issues which prove problematic at the same time: What holiday allowance are these interim employees entitled to? How are tips/service charges split? What about commission and bonus payments?

If any of these questions affect your business, then you need to join us for a roundtable discussion and explanation with legal experts Joelson Wilson LLP to know more about the details and how legislation affects you.


Tax avoidance – the effect of image on business
Wednesday September 17th, 8am to 10am, Mayfair W1J

Tax avoidance is a topic many may think is only the concern of high net worth individuals and multi-national corporations, however that’s not the case. As HMRC have initiated a proactive program of “naming and shaming” tax avoiders in the public eye, it is somewhat inevitable that operators and businesses in the hospitality sector will come under scrutiny. So how can companies ensure that they’re operating to the letter of the law, especially when perception is as important as actual facts?

From a series of disclosure facilities through to threats of legal action, HMRC is attempting to get people to “come forward” before any investigations are initiated. But what does this mean for operators in the sector and business image? What level of “avoidance” is right and acceptable – if any? This is a thorny issue which invariably raises questions and is one which can split audiences in terms of who is right.

If you’re concerned that the issues does or may affect your business in any way, please join us for a conversation with financial experts, WMT LLP, to know more about the facts and how to financially future-proof your business.


Making a move – the process of business acquisition
Thursday September 18th from 8am to 10am, Mayfair W1J

From one entity deciding the time has come to sell, to the players on the other side looking for a potential acquisition, the process of one business buying another can be complex and detailed. Before entering into negotiations, it’s important for players on both sides of the negotiating table to know what they’re looking for, what success looks like and how to maximize value.

Naturally both sides want to gain best value but there needs to be fair balance as otherwise there will be friction down-the-line. So how can this be best managed and what are the pitfalls to ensuring there is a balanced approach?

Merging two businesses can be just as tricky. Last month Bill Toner, CEO of Host Management, successfully led a merger with Catermasters – a well-established company operating for over 25 years. Announcing a deal to create an entity called “HCM Group” with a turnover in the region of £65 million, the two companies have created a potentially significant new player in the market.

But what was the process involved? How did the initial conversation about a possible merger come about and what were the obstacles throughout the process?

Speaking openly to a group of sector professionals, this roundtable conversation will delve into the issues of such a strategic move, including costs of merging, business structure and outward perceptions. As is Bill’s approach, he will undoubtedly talk in an open and candid fashion that should be invaluable to hear.


The Emerging Business Leaders in Hospitality Network
Wednesday September 24th from 6:30pm in Victoria SW1V

Over the last few years, the EP and partners’ Emerging Leaders Network has become one of the sector’s must-attend events for young managers and entrepreneurs in hospitality. Along with chosen players from outside the sector, who have an interest in the “goings on” within, the Emerging Leaders events are an opportunity to meet new people with an interest in the movements and developments today, along with a chance to catch up with old friends in a convivial and friendly environment!

Proudly sponsored by EP and partners, the evening is open to operators and future-leaders from the sector who want to keep up-to-date on what’s happening and keep-in-touch with friends and colleagues.


Continuing into October and throughout 2014, EP and partners will continue an exciting schedule of events focused on sector issues and industry topics including:

– A half-day conference on October 1st looking at the how leadership in the sector is changing and evolving entitled “New Leaders, Traditional Values”. With a series of panel conversations and debate led by major players in the sector, this event is open to anyone the hospitality world looking for more information on leadership and business evolution, with commercial input and advice. Unlike most EP events, there is a nominal fee to attend this conference of £59 per person including breakfast and lunch on the day

– In partnership with Zolfo Cooper, EP are hosting a breakfast forum for around 80 guests on the morning of Tuesday 21st October looking at trends & developments in the contract catering and facilities management sector. Beginning with breakfast from 8am, the highlight of this event will include analysis of a report of the top 20 businesses in the sector.

– A breakfast forum looking at how to attract and retain the best talent in the sector, combatting the issues affecting businesses today, in partnership with American Express

– How are relationships between operators and suppliers in the food service sector evolving? What are the driving forces behind new trends in business? What are the obstacles being faced by chefs and F&B managers today? In partnership with COMPASS we will host a 2 hour breakfast forum in central London with input from operators and decision makers, alongside suppliers and managers.

– Continuing momentum for the Emerging Leaders events, we will host another get-together in partnership with a Central London hotel in late-October, before hosting another forum in partnership with Glion Institute

For more information on any of these EP Events and Initiatives,
including how to register to attend, please contact Arlene McCaffrey

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