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“I have some sympathy with Jeremy Hunt’s gaffe about his wife being Japanese – when she’s actually Chinese. I once asked someone at a party: “Have you met my wife Barbara?” “No, I’m called Margaret.” she interrupted. She’s now my ex-wife, though I don’t think this is the reason.” Michael Crick



Food Service Action
Food Service can improve daily life but needs to communicate its story. This is perhaps the first opportunity in a generation to create genuine change and we believe that we have a framework coming together to allow this to happen. Read here

ART in Hospitality
Businesses must make their experiences unmissable, the centrepiece of a community, to be a spectrum of art, food, drink, service. How can art (in all forms) support and and attract the next generation of customers.
Read here


City Pantry – Transforming workplace food

A brand new video from City Pantry’s on how they are transforming the food service sector and how food can enable a great work culture. Hear from Stuart Sunderland (Founder CEO) and Kate Miller (Chief Commercial Officer) on the origins of City Pantry and where the future is heading.


ART tells a story and appeals to the senses

Art should inspire an emotional response. It is personal and subjective but it should make us feel something. In hospitality it adds to the growing need for deeper experiences. Combined with fine food and beverages and quality service, it is powerful.

To discover this art, it needs to be accessible and moving. Today it must also be community-oriented and can act as not only a additional revenue stream for business but as a story line to bring in people.

Poll on recent PMs
Recent PMs ranked: 1 Cameron, 2 May, 3 Major, 4 Blair, 5 Brown


“Results coloured by the fact that current Labour supporters like to distance themselves from the party’s most successful period.”

“It’s difficult because the two most talented PMs made massive blunders (Iraq, Brexit) while some less talented ones grappled nobly with huge problems (the crash, Brexit).”

eHotelier News

Interstate expands footprint in Europe. Interstate Hotels & Resorts, the premier global hotel management services provider, continues to rapidly expand its footprint as it opens four new hotels in Europe and a regional office in Amsterdam.

HFTP CEO Frank Wolfe honoured as Most Influential Hospitality Association CEO 2018. Frank I. Wolfe, CEO for Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®), was recognised as Most Influential Association CEO 2018 in Hospitality by the European-based corporate finance publication Acquisition International (AI).

Generation X more likely to overspend on vacation than Baby Boomers and Millennials. With its tenth annual Vacation Confidence Index*, Allianz Global Assistance finds 10 percent of Americans admit to going over budget while on vacation last year, and those who did, on average, overspent by 27 percent ($534).


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