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“Remainers to the left of her, Brexiteers to the right. There she is, stuck in the middle with EU.”



Food Service Action
Food Service can improve daily life but needs to communicate its story. This is perhaps the first opportunity in a generation to create genuine change and we believe that we have a framework coming together to allow this to happen.
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ART in Hospitality
Businesses must make their experiences unmissable, the centrepiece of a community, to be a spectrum of art, food, drink, service. How can art (in all forms) support and and attract the next generation of customers.
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Bringing Sport and Business Together

Trust and culture has been becoming an increasing problem and sport can offer some valuable lessons from which to learn from but there appears to be a bigger and closer remit to be engaged upon. More and more companies argue that trust is a key issue across all levels as business models become stretched and more is being asked. Leadership and management teams are struggling, and some actions do need to be embraced.

The Great Service Debate – Don’t Empower, Trust

Part Four of Six

Over the last six months, in partnership with Penshee, EP have been hosting a series of round tables with industry leaders to define What is Great Service and to reach a consensus on what must be done to achieve it.

The debates have attracted great interest across the industry as the topic continues to grow in stature along with the collective recognition that service is becoming increasingly important in the modern fast-paced world. However, how will it evolve? What are the key areas of focus and change? And what do we mean by the term “great service”?

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eHotelier News

LRC Group acquires Amaris Hospitality. Addition of seven UK-based DoubleTree by Hilton hotels brings Amaris Hospitality group to 30 hotels. LRC has ambitious plans to grow Amaris Hospitality portfolio to over 50 properties.

European Travel Commission reports growth momentum towards the peak travel season. Growth in visitor arrivals has been recorded by all 33 reporting destinations, with 1 in 3 enjoying increases in excess of 10%. Europe saw a 7% growth in international tourist arrivals in the second quarter of 2018 over the same period last year and accounts for 50% of the share of tourist arrivals worldwide.

Hyatt launches global efforts to reduce single-use plastics. Hyatt Hotels Corporation has announced Hyatt hotels around the world plan to eliminate single-use plastic straws and drink picks. After Sept. 1, 2018, straws and picks will be available on request only, and Eco-friendly alternatives will be provided where available.

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