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“By Sunday, England may be coming home with a Trophy.
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The Power of Art
Recently we have observed an increasingly love affair with food, but there has also been a renaissance with art. It is becoming increasingly important and when curated correctly it can be is an essential part of the customer experience.
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A campaign to reach C-Suite
To illustrate the importance of food service in supporting culture, productivity, employee welfare and retention in the modern business environment. Our argument is that food service plays a critical role and needs to be invested in.
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The Generation Game

Sanlam UK have launched – The Generation Game – a unique piece of research which looks into the drivers and changing attitudes towards intergenerational wealth transfer.

Among the many highlights, the research finds that:

  • Almost two-thirds (64%) of 25-45 year olds expect to receive inheritance from their parents & grandparents
  • But four in 10 (38%) set to receive a substantial inheritance haven’t yet spoken to the person gifting about their plans for the money
  • Nearly a third (29%) expect to receive at least £50,000, with the average expected value  £233,000
  • Almost a third (31%) of those expecting substantial inheritance admit to putting off saving and “living in the now” because they have the windfall coming
  • Similar number (34%) say they will be reliant on this inheritance for their financial security in future

This is the first piece of research in the market that explores this subject from the view point of these three key audiences:

  • 1,000 people aged between 25-45 – those who are expecting to inherit wealth
  • 500 people aged 55 and over – those who are expecting to pass down wealth
  • 200 financial advisers and 100 family offices – those who will help to manage the transfer of wealth and its future preservation

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Consumer spending rises 5.1 per cent as World Cup fever takes hold

The latest Barclaycard consumer spending data has landed, showing that consumer spending grew 5.1 per cent year-on-year in June, maintaining the high level seen in May.

This was driven by entertainment seeing its largest increase in growth since last summer, with pub spending scoring a 33 per cent rise on the day of England’s debut match in the World Cup.


  • Non-essential expenditure reached 5.5 per cent growth – the best performance since October 2016
  • Entertainment saw its largest increase since last summer, with pub spending scoring a 33 per cent rise on the day of England’s debut match in the World Cup

Retailers may also see a boost in the coming months, as 42 per cent of Brits want to support their local high street in the wake of recent store closures


“In an alternative universe he could have become PM in 2015 and leading the country, with no Brexit, instead….”

eHotelier News

New Solomon Islands branding launched. It checks every mark at this stage of the Solomon Islands tourism evolution and this branding is intended to evolve as the industry evolves.

Anantara Hotels and Resorts partners up with Elephant Family. Elephant Family is delighted to welcome Anantara Hotels and Resorts as the elephant partner of Concours d’éléphant – the charity’s summer fundraising campaign for the endangered Asian elephant.

Africa’s hotel sector offers potential for further growth over the next five years. Africa’s hotel sector has the potential for further growth over the next five years. An increase in the number of foreign and domestic travellers, as well as an expansion in a number of hotel chains on the continent, reinforces the hotel sector’s untapped potential for business growth.

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