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Cheryl and Liam announce “We are sad to announce that we are going our separate ways. It’s been a tough decision for us to make…”

No one cares Cheryl, the World Cup is on



The Power of Art
Recently we have observed an increasingly love affair with food, but there has also been a renaissance with art. It is becoming increasingly important and when curated correctly it can be is an essential part of the customer experience.
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A campaign to reach C-Suite
To illustrate the importance of food service in supporting culture, productivity, employee welfare and retention in the modern business environment. Our argument is that food service plays a critical role and needs to be invested in.
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NEW EP Video – Bringing Sport and Business Together

Trust and culture has been becoming an increasing problem and sport can offer some valuable lessons. companies argue that trust is a key issue across all levels as business models become stretched and more is being asked.

Therefore, the key focus must be on building trust and culture within teams and this is where sport excels. Our focus has been to create a framework which ensures that companies have a support process or structure that focuses on achieving these goals.


Food Service Action Meeting

This is the maybe the first opportunity for a generation to make a case that changes the landscape for the better.

There is a genuine opportunity for the Food Service Sector to create a strong message that represents companies and presents to the Boards of organisation to make the case for greater investment into a service that impacts on daily life. Arguably food service has never played a more important role and has never been higher on the agenda.

This is actioned through:

  • Campaign to reach C-Suite
  • A voice for emerging talent
  • The Chef’s Manifesto

Combined this is powerful.

There are key concerns from Board Level/C-Suite on the lack of trust from employees, the fall in productivity, the importance of culture and health/well-being and countering mental illness. This is where Food Service plays a crucial role and there is an argument to make.

To drive the conversation, it requires engagement from the industry – to really make the case and influence C-Suite. There are some major challenges that the sector will face over the next year which means we need to communicate a strong message together.

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International tourism exceeds expectations in the first months of 2018. International tourist arrivals grew 6% in the first four months of 2018, compared to the same period last year, not only continuing the strong 2017 trend, but exceeding UNWTO’s forecast for 2018. @UNWTO

Going local: the essential ingredient for an unforgettable foodie adventure. More than six in ten travellers (61%) say they pick a destination for its great food or drink. Over half of Australian travellers (52%) are likely to seek out local street food markets. Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and Brazil are among the top places to discover local food across the globe. @bookingcom

Key elements of a truly welcoming hotel room. Hotel room design is often one of the crucial factors in keeping the existing guests and attracting new ones. Here is how to make it truly welcoming.

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