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“The Liverpool goalie might feel bad, but at least he has never been entered for the 110m hurdles schools city championship never having seen a hurdle before. Apparently using your arms to hurdle is frowned upon.

I knocked over every single hurdle. Fell over twice. Then got disqualified from last place.

And then they entered you for the steeplechase.”
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Culture, Retention and Sport
There is a decline in trust by employees in leadership and institutions. Our belief is that strong culture creates trust between colleagues which in turn influences personal development, customer service levels and retention. Read here.

A campaign to reach C-Suite
To illustrate the importance of food service in supporting culture, productivity, employee welfare and retention in the modern business environment. Our argument is that food service plays a critical role and needs to be invested in. Read here.


The EP team and many friends of EP who seek to develop their emerging talent, broaden their horizons and grow as leaders will be tackling the beautiful countryside and separately walking across Italy, France, Austria and Kenya all in support of charity.

We would love your support in raising money for these two important charities:

  • The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts – Adopt a School Foundation
  • Olympic Gold Medalist Crista Cullen’s Tofauti Elephant Charity

The first walk is taking place in Italy between 18th and 25th June 2018

Donate Here

Your support is greatly appreciated.
For more information and to get involved please contact

Winnow’s Wine Tasting

With William Sitwell, MasterChef critic and editor of the Waitrose Food magazine.

Thursday 14th of June, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Central London

For those interested in biodynamic wines, the evening includes a selection and paired with gourmet canapes, prepared with food that would have normally been wasted.

The evening will be introduced by William Sitwell, a leading personality in the food world. The award-winning writer, editor, broadcaster, and a frequent guest on TV. This includes Masterchef, Michelin Stars: The Madness of Perfection (BBC2), and Britain’s Best Dish (ITV1).

To register interest please contact:


Trust, Productivity, Sport and Culture
Our aim is to ensure that teams within businesses are engaged and striving for excellence

Thought of the Week

Is consultancy really under threat?

It is argued that consultancy is under threat but really all that is happening is that the bar is being raised.

So much has been written about how the world is changing but what really marks out today is that it’s the first time where no job is fully secure. One sees established businesses falling in a way that has never really happened before. In just recent weeks we have seen success stories of 2012-16, go into administration. No long declines but rapid changes in fortune.

  • The professions are being challenged
  • It will challenge all of us in different ways

Read the full article here.

eHotelier News

Is working on vacation key to enjoying it? New survey by Wrike finds many workers enjoy vacation better when they know things are going smoothly at work.

Bleisure travellers are hungry for sunshine, sightseeing and cuisine. Expedia Group Media Solutions data shows more than 60 percent of business trips are extended for leisure purposes.

Hilton to cut environmental footprint in half and to double social impact investment. New consumer research confirms environmental and social efforts are central to hotel guest booking decisions.

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