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“Can we all just take a moment to savour the moment of a modern inclusive happy Britain before commentators from the far right & left try & trash it.”

Ayesha Hazarika MBE, Scottish comedian and broadcaster on the Royal Wedding

“You’d better be quick”

Anne McElvoy, Senior Editor, The Economist, in response 


A spoof outtake video of the royal wedding


Culture, Retention and Sport
There is a decline in trust by employees in leadership and institutions. Our belief is that strong culture creates trust between colleagues which in turn influences personal development, customer service levels and retention. Read here.

Increasing Productivity
Business has accidentally undermined the traditional social structures. This and strong leadership allow people to trust that there is help for them in difficult times. We need to bring that back.  Read here.


Please support our walks for culture, trust and charity

The EP team and many friends of EP who seek to develop their emerging talent, broaden their horizons and grow as leaders will be tackling the beautiful countryside and separately walking across Italy, France, Austria and Kenya all in support of charity.

We would love your support in raising money for these two important charities:

  • The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts – Adopt a School Foundation
  • Olympic Gold Medalist Crista Cullen’s Tofauti Elephant Charity

Donate Here

Your support is greatly appreciated.
For more information please contact


Introducing Apetito
Apetito have developed a new product offer range for foodservice and retail markets as the UK faces the challenge of Brexit. EP is delighted to introduce a video that outlines this new service level – a viable and attractive option for companies to consider. For all companies Brexit is going to pose some real challenges for staffing and food costs – it is time to start putting plans in place for the new market that will exist after Brexit.

Thought of the Week

The judgement of a free leader

In all that is written about the lack of trust and stress at work, it is often leaders that take much brunt of critique. The hard truth is that they face some real challenges and are not always free to act in the way they believe is right.

There are many reasons for this but leaders need to be free to lead – as otherwise the culture and environment struggles from the start and leadership does determine culture.

  • What groups want to see real leadership?
  • Why are leaders restrained?
  • Why does a soulless organisation matter?

Read the full article here.

eHotelier News

U.S. Millennials most likely to take & spend more on vacations this year. Millennials are more likely than older Americans to take a vacation this summer than last summer, based on their household finances, according to a new survey from Travelport, the leading Travel Commerce Platform.

Top meeting hotels in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. The annual list highlights top performing group business hotels worldwide.

Study finds women feel less safe about travelling than they did five years ago. AIG Travel shares perspectives from female travellers and initiatives to enhance their safety.

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