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“The vast majority of people should be treated like the adults they are” said Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell.


“It is ridiculous that the government should deny the entire population the right to a drink after 11pm. We will give adults the freedom they deserve and yobs the tough treatment they deserve.”

Next time you have a pint after 11pm, remember that it’s Tessa Jowell you have to thank for it.


Increasing Productivity
Business has accidentally undermined the traditional social structures. This and strong leadership allow people to trust that there is help for them in difficult times. We need to bring that back.
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Hospitality Social Good
The industry is the fourth biggest employer in the UK and includes many businesses which contribute Social Good to the community around them. Is it fair to argue that this isn’t always recognised and rewarded?
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This year EP has developed a series of walks to raise funds for special charities and to broaden thinking. Many businesses today are debating the fall in employee productivity, the increasing levels of mental health issues, the fall in trust towards leaders and the need for new leaders to be developed and nurtured.

Our argument is that broader minded people = better people = better professionals = better teams, cultures and behaviours.

The first walk, in June 2018, follows the famous stretch of beautiful scenery in the Emilia Romagna area and is around a total of 120km in distance.

Please contact for more information and to register interest.


We need to find balance again to attract great new talent.

We all hear comments that the millennials do not possess the depth and character of previous generations. They are often nicknamed the “snowflake” generation but this is all too harsh. Many seem to have forgotten their own younger days.

It is an interesting one as the Baby Boom generation has been a unique group that is both highly impressive and unimpressive in equal measure. However they changed the status quo.

Ever-changing diet trends impacts event caterers, with the right approach they can be embraced to improve the offer.

The event catering industry thrives on the development of trends and their immediacy is a great advantage when we want to improve the customer experience. We use our experience to monitor changes in diet and current flavours to ensure we get it right on whether it’s a trend or simply a passing fad with a shorter life. We embrace the fast-paced movement with creativity and always keep the customer in mind when introducing new delights.


EP Trust and Culture

EP has launched an important campaign in relation to trust, productivity, sports and culture. Our aim is to work with ex- professional sports players, boards and teams to ensure that businesses are united in striving for excellence.

Watch the video here.

Thought of the Week

New technology has wrecked customer service

We often talk about great technological innovations – shrinking hardware, data connectivity, smart devices – as central features of customer experiences, but have lost sight of the customers themselves.

Indeed, one of the noticeable quirks in recent years is how the customer-centric approach has started to produce some very odd, ‘customer hostile’ results.

Customers must now navigate machine-based banks, making sense of a myriad of slots, scanners, touch screens and menus. (The banks will eventually realise this, of course, so look for the next great “innovation” in banking, in a few years, when they start to open local branches staffed by real people.)

This is the odd, perverse and sometimes worrying trend when technology promises to offer us an easier service but ends up pushing us towards a world where we have ever more penalties and punishments.

The customer is increasingly defined as an errant input by machines incapable of understanding.

eHotelier News

IHG grows in Western China. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®), one of the world’s leading hotel companies, has announced the signing of ten new deals under seven of its brands in Western China. @IHG

Top family travel trends. Iceland, Botswana and Japan included in the top 10 unconventional family destinations. @Virtuoso

What is the biggest focus for hoteliers in 2018? SiteMinder surveyed hoteliers across the globe to find out how they approach their challenges and opportunities in 2018 and beyond.The survey covered everything from direct booking strategies and financial plans to staffing management and technology adoption, and of course, the future. So, what is a focus to them over the next 12 months?

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