The Balanced Food Company

Contract catering has changed very little in the recent past but could the present situation, difficulty the industry is experiencing and a change in thinking present an opportunity for a positive revolution? The founders of The Balanced Food Company believe so.

EP were delighted to talk with the co-founders Ian Summers and Mark McCann on their offer, the thinking behind it and the future that they envisage for the Hospitality industry. Together they make an exciting combination and have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Ian trained as a chef in some of Europe’s finest hotels and restaurants including The Savoy, Maxim’s de Paris and The Royal Crescent in Bath, he has subsequently worked and held senior management positions and directorships in operations, sales and marketing both in the UK and Internationally for corporate and independently owned contract catering businesses.

Mark has built an impressive track record in hospitality management for over 30
years working both in the UK and globally. During his Chef career he has worked for Raymond Blanc, Guy Savoy in Paris, Roger Verge and was Chef for King Hussein. Mark was also Contract Catering
Chef of the year in 1996 and was an Olympic gold medallist and team captain at the culinary Olympics in 1998. He was also culinary director at Restaurant Associates and has held senior
executive roles in Sutcliffe Catering, Compass Group, Bartlett Mitchell and Catermasters.

Together they are embracing new thinking and innovative methods to successfully and consistently deliver the finest nutritionally balanced food for retail, food service as well as delivered in operating models regardless of the level of skill in the kitchen on site. With an extreme focus on attention to detail mixed with their wealth of experience and understanding of the industry, Mark and Ian believe that their offer will revolutionise the industry.

A very interesting interview, well worth a listen.