The Baby Boomers cannot be blamed for the social ills of today

The Baby Boomers delivered. How can we help the new generations?

Some of the debates over the change in generations has become mildly silly and OTT.  It is being used as an excuse for accountability and problems.  There are arguments saying how the baby boom generations has made great wealth and has left a poor legacy for those to follow.


It is an argument that does seem to be slightly illogical for anyone who recall.

1979-1981, the years when the baby boomers began their journey.

1979 with the winter of discontent

1979/80 – the great long dole queues

1981 – The inner city riots and “The Boys from the Black stuff”

The baby boom generation did not blame their parents for inheriting what looked like a pretty gloomy outlook.

The baby boomers built wealth through a culture of relentless hard work, and commitment. This generation and period boasted some exceptional leaders with very strong values that has allowed the industry to prosper. If one looks at this group today – in their 50s and 60s – they possess also great friendships, relationships and retained influence. All for good reason.

 If anything, it can be argued that the generations that came through after the baby boomers – in the 1990s – built success of the coat tails of the baby boomers and did not always understand the strong values and work ethic that had laid the foundations – and the result is the strong value sets have in time become diluted and balance has been lost.

Rather than blaming the baby boom generation, it would be of more practical use to talk to them and learn from them. They can – coupled with the great innovation of the modern day – really help the new generations develop and grow and find new paths to success.

One can argue that it is all gloom for the new generations but they just need to find their own way, new paths and it is certainly advisable to use the banks of knowledge that is ready and able to give back and support. Today’s picture is no worse than 1981.

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