The Arts


The Power of an Experience

“So shall we come to look at the world with new eyes”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Arts:

  • Literature (drama, poetry, prose)
  • Performance arts (dance, music, theatre)
  • Visual arts (architecture, ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, sculpting)

The arts can refer to theory and physical expression. It is creativity found in societies and cultures and when done right and told with the right story, it is powerful.

But is it fair to question if it is really being done right?

Art gives us the ability to see the world through fresh eyes. It should be celebrated and showcased and all of the above forms should be welcomed into Hospitality with open arms.

We all know the stories of dusty paintings left hanging on the wall or clever interior designs which were never really showcased. Today offers opportunity and challenge as businesses look to stand out against the competition.

Businesses must make their experiences unmissable, the centrepiece of a community, to be a spectrum of art, food, drink, service. We should all be passionate about hospitality and equally commit to supporting and attracting the next generation of customers.

EP has recently been working on activities which not only bring new experiences to business but also craft and tell the story on what is taking place. Our argument is that to counter the rising stress levels we must look, learn and discover to improve our culture.

The Hospitality industry needs to inspire passion for their future customers and this is where all of the art forms can play a role. When the story is told right it will open the eyes of those unfamiliar with the hotel or restaurant and build confidence. This is a commitment the modern customer truely wants, it should be special.

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