The Afternoon Tea Evolution – Understanding global cultures through tea & food.

In recent weeks, EP has been honoured to be working with the London Tea Exchange which possesses teas over from 43 countries, works with Royal families from across the world and supplies the unique teas for the many of the world’s most influential of events and dinners. The London Tea Exchange works with the very best all across the world and has access to the rarest of teas.

Tasting the teas is a fascinating journey in itself and one soon finds oneself learning about different cultures as is expressed via the taste and make of the tea. So often when one considers an Afternoon Tea, the tea almost plays a secondary role to the food. EP is presently working with both the London Tea Exchange and UKCC’s team of chefs to create new experiences which place the tea first with newly designed tea menus supported by food menus designed to represent the culture.

In working with operating partners, our aim is to create new afternoon tea experience for a range of markets. The Afternoon Tea has long been an institution but maybe it is time to challenge and evolve it, appeal to new audiences, and to place tea right at the forefront once again.

In the modern era, there are less and less people drinking alcohol and interest in tea is growing as a result amongst all age groups and genders. Even some of the leading football clubs are creating new tea experiences for their guests. Our aim is to create a new afternoon tea experience which allows a global culture to be expressed and learnt about through teas which many will never have considered or tasted.

Some of the experiences which are being worked upon include:

· The Japanese Afternoon Tea Experience

· The Rarest teas of the world

· A journey through history, tasting the teas that those in the 1700s would have tasted to modern day.

· The Chinese experience

· The Indian Afternoon Tea.

· The Mediterranean Experience

There is so much scope for learning and development. We are presently in discussions with hotels, heritage sites and even for B&I operations to create new experiences for hospitality. The desire for new experiences is stronger than ever.

Much may have changed but one thing which has not is the desire to learn about food and beverage styles from all across the world.