The 3 Little Pigs – Greek grill on the go


Below is a brand new video from entrepreneurial company The 3 Little Pigs. Their philosophy is to use time honored cooking methods, family recipes and quality produce to make real food with integrity and taste – something missing from the Greek/London food scene.

Founded by Kostas Vais, The 3 Little Pigs was created to introduce London to traditional food that combines an amazing childhood memory, traditional cooking techniques and a love of BBQ.

Watch the exciting video of The 3 Little Pigs in action below:



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The 3 Little Pigs is a story of taking a childhood memory and a love of a traditional cuisine and introducing it to London. 

With 25 years’ experience in the customer service and food service management industry, Kostas believes the time is right to introduce his new food offering. His story is one which begins at a very young age.

The 3 little pigs s The 3 little pigs 2

Born and raised in Australia to Greek parents, the name originates from trips to Greece with his parents in the summer. During siesta time, his grandfather would read fairy-tales, then on the way back they would stop at the souvlaki van for a treat. 

This childhood memory stayed with Kostas and in Australian he used to invite friends round for a BBQ, but with Greek souvlaki. Now he is bringing his delicious menu to the capital.