The 2017 summit for real change in Hospitality

The summit for real change in Hospitality

Next year eHotelier and EP are holding a one day only summit on creating new ideas and thoughts on how hotels and cities can improve their welcome to tourists.

The last year has shown that the threat of terrorism impacts the economic prosperity of a city. Today’s tourists want to be reassured of their security which is a substantial challenge for Tourism bodies, whilst at the same time consumer expectations are constantly on the rise regarding the level and quality of experiences and hospitality.

This summit will explore what we need to do for the future. 


Hospitable Cities will feature industry heavyweights providing their experience and learning. With modern advancements comes an inevitable negative side of terror and fear, now we must look at the roles they truly play.

Everyday people, everyday.

Hospitality is full of people who make a difference everyday. Everyday people who improve a stay, make an impact and leave a lasting impression.

We are bringing together the top hoteliers of the world to celebrate the sector and look to the future.

Tickets £250 plus VAT per person

To book your place please contact

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