Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week 8-11-13


EP brings you a brief round-up of some of the news items which were perhaps as surprising as they were enlightening

  • The Faroe Islands are running out of women; Belarus is infested with psychotic beavers and Venezuela is suffering from a shortage of toilet paper – some countries have bizarrely specific downsides
  • Crowdfunding website “Kickstarter” has raised £22.5 million in only its first year of business
  • Studies in our sleep patterns have revealed some of the stranger places people admit to dozing off including in the tattoo artist’s chair, standing up and at a football match
  • In an alarmingly bad PR move a hotel in Germany offered a romantic spa break for couples to enjoy a “long romantic Kristallnacht”apparently unaware that the offer was available during the 75th anniversary of the Nazi atrocity of the same name
  • The architect of the £154 million high-rise development which houses “The People’s Daily” HQ in Beijing is supposedly aghast at the “unexpected interpretations” associated with the building
  • A row has erupted between business and Government in France after yet another court order was issued declaring shops must remain closed on Sundays
  • Residents on the Island of Alderney have speculated that a wild boar referred to as “the ghost pig” which has appeared “out of nowhere” must have swum across the channel from France
  • A study of UK families has shown less than half eat dinner together at the dining table, preferring instead to dine on “TV dinners”
  • Global Warming is credited as the reason certain deeper regions of the Pacific Ocean are warming 15 time faster than ever before
  • Bungling officials in Wales have erected a 60ft wine turbine at a cost of £48,000 in a valley with little or no wind meaning it can only generate about £5 worth of electricity per month

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