Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

As today is both World Smile Day and the 65th Anniversary of “Peanuts” in the UK, here’s a round-up of news, stories and events from across the Globe to make you chuckle – though some may also leave you scratching your head, thinking “What?”, “Why?” or “How?”

  1. Weed probably have done differently! In Florida, Erin Klich has landed behind bars after calling 911 to report a crime – that being that she had paid for $75 worth of marijuana but the drug dealer short changed her and so she felt he should be arrested. Suffice to say, the Police had a different opinion on the situation
  2. In other pot head news, a North Indian leopard proved that curiosoty can be a problem for cats of all shapes & sizes after it spent 6 hours with his head stuck in a flowerpot after trying to drink water from the container
  3. In Zimbabwe , a local radio station was forced off air by Baboons when the silly simians raided the transmission tower and chewed through the cables
  4. Using the byline “Do It For Mom”, a travel agency in Denmark is offering special rates on sunshine breaks in an attempt to address the National issue of falling birthrates, and disappointed would-be grandmothers, with the observation that couples tend to be more “romantically inclined” while on holiday…
  5. … In China, however, the Honeymoon is definitely over! Having agreed to spend a day having lunch with his parents then dinner with her’s, Police had to break up a fight between 2 newlyweds after the husband “dawdled with his relatives” for so long that they missed the train to her family’s house
  6. Ahead of their N.F.L. game against the Dolphins at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, The Jets Operations Manager has a lot to cram into his carry on luggage. From creature comforts such as extension cables, breakfast cereals and a “sleep specialist”, he’s also bringing 350 rolls of toilet paper as it seems the Britsh versions are “too thin” for his beefy boys
  7. Spud Power! A 4 storey bio-refinery which is the worldÂ’s first potato-powered energy plant has opened at a Carlisle food factory. When fully functional, it will generate enough electricity to power 850 homes for a year
  8. Video footage of a police officer donning full riot gear to kill a spider has gone viral, with many humerous observations on the “bravery, courage and heroism” of the act
  9. In Maine, a dog left alone in a car had to be rescued after he managed to put it in gear and rolled about 75ft into a lake, and bounced off a rock before sinking 10ft into the water
  10. Finally, which would you vote for? Jenga, the scooter, the spinning top, Twister and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are among the finalists bring considered for induction into The Toy Hall of Fame

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