Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

Following the week in which 6,400 Chinese tourists descended on Paris and Ireland was announced as the host Nation of the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup, EP brings you a brief round-up of some other interesting news items which may have skipped your attention

1. Producers at Cambodian TV show “Like It or Not” have been forced to issue a grovelling apology after a “prank” reduced a 13 year old girl to tears, on live television, when they tricked her into believing they had found her long-lost mother!

2. Killing the romance – a heart-breaking business! Australian company “Sorry, it’s over” is offering to deliver the awkward “You’re dumped” message on behalf of people not willing to do it themselves! Charging $5.50 per phone call, text or email, additional charges apply for sending flowers, tissues, wine or a sympathy basket and, not surprisingly, even more if the message is to be delivered in person!

3. Speaking of “romance”, following a study of 259 Egyptian mummies, scientists believe they can prove that King Tutankhamun was the product of incest between a brother and sister – and he’s not the only one! It seems Egyptian Royals, believing themselves to be direct descendants from the Gods, and not wishing to sully their noble blood lines, actually preferred one another’s “company”

4. Quick, check your drawers! In Texas, Emil Knodell is celebrating after buying an antique dresser at a yard sale for $100. While loading the furniture onto a truck, a hitherto unnoticed secret drawer was discovered – laden with pearls, gold, jewels, watches and cash

5. The Lion’s den-ted! The Austria Vienna soccer team’s club mascot – “Super Leo the Lion” – has been suspended for the rest of the season after the purple-cloaked character showed up to work drunk and headless having apparently celebrated his birthday a little too “enthusiastically”

6. Taking the expression “hitting the streets” to a whole new level, a traffic warden in China has attacked a pedestrian with a hammer in an (over zealous) attempt to stop her from jay-walking!

7. Steve Raschick was killed, alongside his guide, in a giant avalanche while climbing Mount Baker almost 30 years ago. Amazingly, his backpack and all its contents have been discovered, frozen in time, untouched since 1986

8. Need some help reducing the stress of everday life? From a self-twirling spaghetti fork to a pillow-cum-remote-control, here’s a list of 19 inventions designed to make life that bit easier – including a USB mug warmer so you need never boil the kettle again!

9. Good Deed Feed: After months of inpatient cancer treatment, 81-year old Clarence Blackmon returned from hospital to a home with no food. Two days later, and too weak to go grocery shopping, he placed a desperate call to 911 asking for help. Determined the gentleman shouldn’t suffer another moment, operators delivered a Care Package straight to his home, staying on to cook him some dinner and make snacks for the following day. Thankfully Mr Blackmon’s home care service has now started meaning he won’t go hungry again

10. In another emergency services related story – If you think you’re having a bad week, spare a thought for the Boston dad who called 911 in a blind panic when, 30 minutes after boarding a train to work, he realised he had left his baby in the car, parked at the station! Police rushed to the location and thankfully found his one-year old daughter sleeping soundly, blissfully unaware of her distraught father’s mistake

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