Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

Following the week in which the race for #10 Downing Street officially kicked off, China jailed a man for growing a beard and a fire caused havoc in London’s West End, EP brings you a brief round-up of some other interesting news items which may have skipped your attention

  • As the US Patent Office looks set to issue patent #9,000,000, here’s a look at some of the wackier patented inventions including a “Beerbrella”, glasses which can be nailed to the face, meat flavoured alcohol and a funnel to help women urinate on-the-go
  • Damn you auto-correct! While Tweeting real-time updates during a game, in Ireland Kerry GAA inadvertently admonished a player on the pitch for “shooting his wife” rather than “shooting wide” of the goal
  • ET phone home! Scientists think they may have discovered proof of alien life as radio waves following a mathematical pattern have been recorded flashing through the Galaxy
  • Did you dress yourself this morning? A weather reporter got caught out live on-air finding a clothes hanger in his jacket, sending his co-hosts and others in the studio into uncontrollable fits of giggles when he removed it
  • Don’t entrust your super car to the valet at Hotel Exedra, Rome! Apparently mistaking the brake for the accelerator, a carpark attendant proved that the “world’s fastest road car” could indeed go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds when he crashed a £300,000 Ferrari 599 GTO through a shop window while the stunned owner could only watch – imaginably in some horror!
  • No longer man’s best friend? An Irish farmer is the first to use “Shep the Drone” in place of a dog for herding sheep. Though the flock was successfully moved, the National Farmers Union doubts the idea will ‘take off’
  • Though smoking pot is technically illegal, so too is wilful discrimination, so it’s with no small sense of irony that a piece of legislation in Indiana (intended to allow businesses discriminate against the LGBT community, based on ‘religious principle’) has been used to establish The First Church of Cannabis, which has also been formally recognised by the State
  • Scientists are running tests to try and determine what is causing residents in the village of Kalachi to fall asleep, en masse, for days at a time. Dubbed the Kazakh “Sleepy Hollow” villagers have been nodding off without warning while at work, walking, driving and in one particularly unfortunate case while enjoying “marital relations”
  • Good Deed Feed: It was earlier this month that the Wood family in Eugene were blown away by an act of kindness from Lt. Natt, who used a Police Discretionary Fund, set up by a local Church, to pay for 2 nights’ hotel accommodation for a family who otherwise would have been left stranded, sleeping in their car on the roadside
  • “I knida wish Victoria had just kept this secret!” This video of men trying to unclasp bras didn’t raise any eyebrows, as such, but it did have the girls in the EP office chuckling, so before we leave for the long weekend we thought we’d share the laugh! Enjoy!

Happy Easter from everyone at EP

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