Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

EP brings you a brief round-up of some of the news items which were perhaps as surprising as they were enlightening

  1. In 1960 in America 5% of Republicans and 4% of Democrats admitted they would feel “displeased” should a family member marry outside of their political party. Rather than becoming more tolerant today, there are now 49% (R) and 33% (D) who would prefer a family member marry outside of their ethic race than marry outside of their political party
  2. When Stepan Hudra accidentally left his iPad behind on a flight, he found himself thoroughly amused to find Iceland Air employees had been using the device to take “selfies” leaving him with a photostream of some very interesting images
  3. Meanwhile, on Mars… the Rover Curiosity has “discovered” a “ball” in the landscape which has scientists at NASA baffled
  4. That’s not kosher! There was serious concern about the health of 100s of Greek Orthodox mourners who began acting strangely at a funeral, there was even more concern when it turned out that the biscuits served at the buffet had been sprinkled with cocaine!
  5. After first mistaking it for a radar glitch, then tornado debris, observers found that a large mass passing over St. Louis was in fact a swarm of butterflies heading “home” to Mexico
  6. The Chinese hairy crab has been discovered in Scotland for the first time leaveing observers concerned that it may destroy the local eco systems
  7. Revenge, a dish best served … Vegan!? PETA is calling for a convicted cannibal killer to be fed a vegan only diet as part of his punishment while incarcerated
  8. In Canada more than 500 people dressed up as the Caped Crusader to break the World record for the largest single collection of Batman’s in one place (Because what else would you do with a free afternoon?)
  9. Good Deed Feed After thieves in Ireland looted E800 worth of equipment from an ambulance specifically kitted out with equipment for ill children, Supermarket chain Lidl stepped up to donate E5,000 to refit the Bumbleance
  10. And finally, if you think you’ve had a bad week spare a thought for Leah Wright in Illinois. After falling asleep in a Taco Bell drive-thru, the young woman was subsequently arrested and charged with 2 felony counts of possession of a controlled substance, after police woke her and found her to be clutching a syringe of heroin while at the wheel of her car

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