Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

EP brings you a brief round-up of some of the news items which were perhaps as surprising as they were enlightening

  1. With an average living cost of £359p/w, low unemployment rates and good work-life balance, the City of Cardiff has placed 1st in a list of the 12 best places to live in the UK ahead of London, Bristol, Belfast and Edinburgh
  2. Elsewhere in the UK, analysis of Twitter feeds have shown Redcar and Cleveland to be the most profane places in the Country with users cursing in 7.89% of posts compared to 1.4% in Westminster and 0.84% in the Shetland Islands
  3. More money than sense? At a cost of over $5,000 students can now enrol in a 10-day course offering lessons in buying designer goods in Beijing
  4. Bringing a whole new dimension to the expression “calling on a higher power” the Evangelical Press Association in America has launched a dedicated phoneline for Christians in need of legal advice.
  5. In Germany, two weeks before the famous Munich Oktoberfest, 38 year old waiter Oliver Struempfel has broken a world record by carrying 27 full 1L beer mugs over 130ft
  6. The Chinese Space Agency this week announced ambitious plans to build the 1st Chinese Space Station by 2022
  7. It was 350 years ago this week that the city of “New Amsterdam” was renamed “New York City”. According to the latest Government census, there are now 9,651,127 residents in NYC compared to 316,128,839 in the USA as a whole
  8. A loud booming noise heard in the skies over the Nicaraguan capital of Managua may have been a meteorite crashing to Earth near the Airport
  9. “Proving” how adaptable the human brain is, a 24 year old woman in China has shocked doctors after they found she had no cerebellum in her brain though she struggled with balance her whole life
  10. “Do you want to do blood duty or clean up on Saturday?” After his phone number was incorrectly linked as that of a Burger King in Chicago, prankster “Kevin” chose not to alert the company to their mistake but rather play havoc with callers, with hilariously frustrated results

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