Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week – 14/02/14

Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

EP brings you a brief round-up of some of the news items which were perhaps as surprising as they were enlightening

  1. Including “Lady Di”, “Facebook” and “Rambo”, the Mexican State of Sonora has published a list of 61 banned baby names
  2. Are you prone to a bit of a tantrum when hungry? Chances are you’ve never taken it to the same extreme as this American woman who fired her gun at McDonald’s employees after being served the wrong burger order
  3. Another story on bad behaviour comes from the Island of Gibraltar where the population of Barbary monkeys have been attacking people, vandalising hotel rooms and trashing streets, so much so that locals have elected to have them extradited
  4. One in 60 residents in Shanghai has been diagnosed with cancer placing it at the top of the list of most cancer ridden cities
  5. Did they get a little too taken away by the spirit of the Winter Olympics? At a cost of over £40,000, West Dunbartonshire Council have installed what can only be described as a 60 metre, 10 level Slalom-style wheelchair ramp in the garden of a family home near Glasgow
  6. Speaking of crazy spending by local councils, Stoke-on-Trent are shelling out £10,000 in sending motivating texts to obese residents including such inspirational one-liners as “Eat fruit and veg” and “Use stairs more”
  7. Meanwhile, in the Liaoning Province, China, councillors have such a bad reputation that new regulations have been introduced banning the “use” of mistresses along with gambling, drug abuse and spreading rumours on the internet
  8. Does someone have too much time on their hands, or is this comedy genius? Watch the “official” LEGO Movie Blooper Reel and see what you think
  9. Tagged as the Rot Ness Monster a strange S-shaped “creature” has appeared on radar screens off the Western Coast of Australia
  10. And finally, if you think you’re having a bad day, spare a thought for the Chicago based journalist who has been left red faced after the personal browser history on his phone was broadcast on live TV, clearly show he frequents a certain “adult” website

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