Ten things which raised an eyebrow this Christmas

Ten things which raised an eyebrow this Christmas

EP brings you a round-up of some of the lighter, more cheerful and festive stories which made us smile this Christmas – and one which really didn’t!

1. Whipping children into a hysterical frenzy of excitement when they set eyes on it, electrician Carl Holdsworth has created a holograph of Santa Clause at home, preparing for Christmas while Mrs. Clause waves from a window upstairs

2. Billed as a convivial affair at which co-workers have the chance to mingle & celebrate over a mince pie and a few glasses of mulled wine, they’re supposed to be fun but when Christmas Parties go wrong they can do so spectacularly, especially if you’re a footballer

3. Good news for all you Festive Foodies – containing probiotic parsnip, red cabbage relaxant and turkey stuffed with amino acids, the Christmas Roast is actually healthier than you thought

4. From Russia with Love! When it was noted that Notre Dame Cathedral had not attracted sufficient donations to fund a charity Christmas tree, a hopeful request for help went out to some Embassies in Paris. Proving that good-will can overcome any political stalemate, officials at the Russia Embassy stepped up and answered the plea, donating not only a tree but also covering the €80,000 costs of delivery, installation and decoration

5. After being given more than $100,000 cash by a wealthy philanthropist, Police in Kansas ran Operation: Secret Santa handing out $100 bills to those needing a little financial help this Festive Season

6. After gifts & packages left on her front porch were stolen 3 times by the same man, a Washington woman decided to take action. Boxing & wrapping a beautiful looking parcel, she placed it on the porch and then recorded as the thief struck yet again – the difference this time was, the package was filled with “a gift” from her two dogs…

7. In Devon, a widow tired of spending the Festive Season on her own since the death of her husband 12 years ago, has booked & paid for lunch for 50 people in a local tavern, issuing an open invitation for other lonely people to come join her this Christmas Day

8. According to online retailer Amazon, Bristol is the most festive city in the UK this year, with residents buying more decorations, tinsel, Santa Clause outfits and Christmas music CD’s than any other

9. According to the Bible, when & where was Jesus born? What did the Angels say to the Shepherds? How many Wise Men paid a visit? Is everything you know about Christmas absolute Gospel or could you be suffering a little Nativity naiveté?

And finally, after so many stories of people embracing the Festive Spirit there was one particular example of someone assuming the role of “Scrooge” this Christmas

10. Stating “homeless people are less likely to seek help and get a grip of their lives if they are fed and looked after” the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale is upholding the arrest of a 90 year old local man and 2 Pastors who were caught “flouting the law” as they fed homeless people on the street – an act banned because food cannot be served unless toilet facilities are also made available. Baa Humbug!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at EP

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