Ten things which raised an eyebrow 25-10-13

EP brings you a brief round-up of some of the news items which were perhaps as surprising as they were enlightening

  • NASA approved High-Visibility jackets for chickens have been launched on the market (providing much needed protection for poultry as they’re crossing the proverbial road!)
  • With food served in miniatures toilet bowls and commodes for seats, The “Magic Restroom Cafe” in LA is believed to be the World’s first toilet themed eatery
  • The violin which was being played by band leader Wallace Hartley on the Titanic as it sank in 1912 was sold at auction for US$1.46 million
  • Political Correctness run amuck? After President Obama suggested that American Football team “The Washington Redskins” should change their name in case someone might be insulted, now The University of Colorado has issued an alarmingly long list of banned “offensive” Halloween costumes including cowboy hats, sombreros and “anything associated with poverty”
  • Tesco-gaffes continue as bosses at the Haverfordwest branch have been slammed for using the image of a man about to commit suicide to “motivate” staff
  • A breed of fish called “vandace” thought to have been extinct for over a decade has been re-discovered in the Lake District – meanwhile the “FTSE Index” of threatened species in the UK shows a 60% decline in some breeds since the 1970s
  • According to research by thinkmoney, 1 in 6 British adults “couldn’t cope” if hit by an unexpected bill of £200 or more
  • The golden glow of NYC at night is to become a thing of the past as Mayor Bloomberg has chosen to have all 250,000 streetlights replaced with whiter, brighter energy-saving light bulbs
  • Nottinghamshire is the only UK county to be awarded a “plaque of honour” by The Council of Europe in recognition of the friendliness of people there
  • Don’t want to move to Nottinghamshire, then perhaps a change of planet is needed? Space boffins have identified 12 alien planets which could (theoretically) accommodate human life

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