Ten things which raised an eyebrow 04-10-13

Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

EP brings you a brief round-up of some of the news items which were perhaps as surprising as they were enlightening

  1. A horticultural firm in Ipswich has successfully engineered a plant called The TomTato which simultaneously produces both tomatoes and potatoes
  2. Peru now exports more illegally produced gold than it does cocaine
  3. In an attempt to improve the poor image of Chinese travellers internationally, The China National Tourism Administration has released a 64-page animated guide to good etiquette while travelling abroad which includes such sage advice as “do not take life vests from airplanes” and “do not let your child defecate in public”
  4. Coca Cola has lost the accolade of “World’s most valuable brand” to Apple….
  5. ….hardly surprising when a report by Moody’s show that Apple holds $147 billion or 10% of all corporate cash in the coffers
  6. Scientists have developed a Jellyfish shredding robot to hunt the coastline for swarms of the sea creature and destroy them
  7. Members of an unsuspecting public were taken aback after coming face to face with Zombies on the streets of London (to warn about the hazards of smoking)
  8. From “asteroid tracking technology” to “innovations in cryogenic propellants”, NASA has identified 10 University projects in which it will invest $250,000 each as part of the Space Technology Programme
  9. According to The HelpAge International insight report, the best country to grow old in is Sweden….
  10. ….While London placed 15th on a list of the best UK cities to live in, according to the “Legal & General Best City to be Young report”. This list puts the capital behind Newcastle, Belfast and Hull in the affections of youth!

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