Meet the team

Action in the hospitality industry

EP works with a number of leading consultants across the hospitality industry and beyond. Sharing knowledge and seeing a full picture of the market has never been more important.

Chris Sheppardson

Chris launched EP Magazine in 2005 in order to provide a communications source for leaders in the industry. His vision has never faltered and was inspired by the desire to look at the real people and characters who make up the industry. As well as providing constructive debate on issues which impacts the hospitality industry.

Lauran Bush

Lauran was a corporate lawyer for 14 years before first developing her own venture in food and then joining EP in 2016.

Natalie Sanderson

Natalie is a trained journalist and public relations expert with over two decades of experience across agency and in-house press office environments. She founded Sublime PR early in 2012 with the intention of providing high quality, effective public relations and digital communications services for businesses of all shapes and sizes including EP.

Kate Haywood

Kate is a former professional swimmer who competed at two Olympic Games for Great Britain. At the age of 15 she was also the youngest swimmer ever to have represented England at the Commonwealth Games, which resulted in her winning BBC Young Sports Personality Of The Year the following year. Kate was part of the senior team for 10 years and bowed out of the sport after London 2012. Kate now works at EP spearheading the Emerging Leaders Network, which aims to break down traditional barriers between industries and bring together a new alliance between the worlds of hospitality, law, sport, financial services, sport and entrepreneurs.

Heather Gibson

Heather is the founder of Pendulum Partnership in Australia. A trusted business coach, leader, speaker, facilitator and writer, Heather spent 15 years in the UK at the fron