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1st February Launch for New Official Industry Body to Oversee Best Practice for ‘Tipping’ and ‘Service Charges’ in Hospitality Sector

Industry Kitemark to raise future standards around tipping and eliminate growing confusion around service charges today.

Over the past year, EP and WMT Troncmaster Services have openly debated and discussed the importance for the Industry to have a formal approach to the issue of service charges that do create a transparent and trusted system for both customers and employees. The aim to launch the new...

The Future of Tipping Survey Results

This year EP, together with WMT Chartered Accountants, are exploring the future of tipping in the UK with the aim of providing clarity on the views of the hospitality industry. Following a survey with over 200 senior players, it is clear that – whilst the amounts and forms of tipping and service charge are debatable – there is a desire for an accreditation scheme for those who follow best practice principles.