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ISS Announce a New Intent to Become a Leader in Food Service

ISS are today announcing their new strategic vision is be one of true premier leading players in the Food Service Sector
ISS are today announcing their new strategic vision is to be one of true premier leading players in the Food Service Sector. By combining all current catering operations to create a new operating platform named ISS Food Services – with an annual turnover of £250m – ISS suddenly become the major force in catering that they have always threatened to be.

Presenting epinsights.co.uk

EP is proud to present a new website which will take over from the magazine ‘Insights & Action’. This exciting new platform has been designed and created to reflect the essential need of hospitality knowledge in the market and industry and to take this on a more global scale.

People are capable of standing for more than the profit motive, we’re powerful

What is Social Good?
Social Good is when businesses and people aim to give back, enrich communities and contribute to society. Those who lead them and those who work for them make a difference by tackling social and environmental problems. It’s not about how much is raised, it’s about making an impact – no matter how big or small.

“Corporate workplace dining has to change”

Corporate workplace dining has to change

Gaye Bullard, FIH, market development director, Corporate Services, Sodexo UK & Ireland and chair of the Association of Catering Excellence (ACE)

The role of the foodservice provider is changing. We are seeing employee engagement as a key focus for many organisations and a crucial element to achieving high engagement scores is through creating a workplace which inspires, engages and ultimately improves productivity.

Leading a Social Agenda. Examples of Social Good.

Examples of ‘Social Good’
Hospitality can take the lead
Hospitality can really play an important role in society. In communities across the country, the traditional pillars of society have changed. The local bank manager is far less active. Same arguably re the GP and the local solicitor as compared to times gone by.