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1st February Launch for New Official Industry Body to Oversee Best Practice for ‘Tipping’ and ‘Service Charges’ in Hospitality Sector

Industry Kitemark to raise future standards around tipping and eliminate growing confusion around service charges today.

Over the past year, EP and WMT Troncmaster Services have openly debated and discussed the importance for the Industry to have a formal approach to the issue of service charges that do create a transparent and trusted system for both customers and employees. The aim to launch the new...

Hoop jumping for staff feeding?

The role of employee food is complex but understanding its impact is essential. It doesn’t need to be vastly trying but does require a long-term mindset. It will bear fruit for those who want their people to thrive for years.

The hospitality industry has the power to achieve great things

This week a group of passionate hoteliers and hospitality businesses donated nearly £100k to the Grenfell United Foundation following a charitable event held last summer.

The cheque was handed over at the official opening of the Grenfell Gardens at Crowne Plaza London Kensington, created in memory of their neighbours who tragically passed on the 14th June 2017.