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The New Look Breakfast Briefing

Check out the new look, new content ‘Breakfast Briefing’ eShot from EP. Discover the latest powerful campaigns, upcoming events and various activities. Plus also the infamous quote of the week and tweet of the week…

Should we remove the CV from talent acquisition?

Talent Acquisition

...Select on attitude, character and skill, not the CV. Is it too much to ask that the foundation stones of talent acquisition are built upon attitude, character and skill? Process and systems support in many positive ways but for people, and people is everything in the Hospitality Industry, is it important we look at the traits they possess? It should also include those that are disabled...

Breakfast Briefing – The latest hospitality news

“If Rebecca Long-Bailey is one of Labour’s “rising stars” as, John McDonnell called her on Monday, it is principally because the party’s already risen stars have all blown themselves up supernova-like at various points in the last two years, leaving the firmament black enough to make out the likes of Long-Bailey, who burns with all the brightness of a standby light on a radio alarm clock.” – Political Sketch Writer Tom Peck at the Inderpendent

Breakfast Briefing – The latest hospitality news

“It is a Friday afternoon on the Daily Telegraph comment desk, early June, 2012. The phone rings. I pick up. The ensuing conversation goes something like this. “Hello?” “Ah, yes. Yes. Um … hello … it’s …um … “ “Hi Boris, what’s up?” “It’s just … um … ah … about this Sunday … “ “What about it, Boris?” “Well, the thing is I … ah … might have to file my column a bit later than usual. You see, I’ll be … um … on a boat with the … um … well … the Queen.

This was not welcome news. Boris Johnson warning he would be filing late was like Quentin Tarantino warning his next film would be violent. Boris always filed late.”

Hospitality Illustrated – Out 21st November

Over the last ten years EP has been privileged to photograph many great leaders and businesses in action. Now this decade of photography will be available in one hard-back book. Hospitality Illustrated is a photographic book with over 400 images that really tell the story of the last decade.