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EP’s Light Relief

VisitBritain launches spy-inspired tourism campaign. Linked to new film Kingsman: The Golden Circle, VB are showcasing the exciting, secretive and adventurous side of Britain. “Britain is home to some of the world’s most-loved secret-agents and our stunning landscapes and iconic cityscapes provide a captivating backdrop for their thrill-seeking adventures and dashing lifestyles, from buying suits at Savile Row to hatching plots and supping whiskey in the Scottish Highlands.”

EP’s Friday Light Relief

“Lunch with FT” from 1995

The 79 year old poet Gavin Ewart had a liquid lunch at the Café Royal with the FT. The next day Mrs Ewart phones:

“There are two things you need to know” she says “firstly Gavin came home yesterday happier than I have seen him in a long time. The second- and you are not to feel bad about this- is that he died this morning.”