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EP’s Friday Light Relief

Take a break from the busy week and enjoy some light relief stories from around the world. From Amber Rudd to Elon Musk…

The Breakfast Briefing

Quote of the Week
“I think we should say Miss Fookes is the most gorgeous redhead”

Robin Day interviews female MP in 1970… a different world.
Yesterday 6th February 2018: Some women, but not all, were given the right to vote in UK elections on this day 100 years ago. 

The Breakfast Briefing

Quote of the Week
Good Morning Britain asked if millennials were useless and recieved lots of replies, including this one from Mark Di Stefano, Reporter, BuzzFeed:

“BBC: Top secret Brexit analysis leaked.

Sky News: Damaging Brexit data published.

Good morning Britain: Are millennials (those aged in the 18-35 range) useless?”

Hospitality can lead in society but are we ready for such a role?

Let’s Lead in Society

There has been a genuine change whereby food and hospitality today is no longer a commodity but plays a central social role.

As last year progressed, all the lights were flashing that there is a genuine need for change as working life is simply becoming unacceptable. There is a major problem in play when in a leading society: