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Reinvention…finding purpose…aspiring for better

It may all sound like an ideal but research tells us too many not only feel disengaged from their work and companies (a percentage that beyond what should be right), but over 50% desire to find greater purpose in their lives and over 40% desire a career change. 65% feel that their voice is never heard or has any value within their work...


Working to free up talent?

There is a need and a desire for new thinking when it comes to how both people and companies are represented and think about the development of people. We know that many feel disengaged and lacking in purpose: so how is it reversed? We know that many want companies to play...

The best way to deal with negativity

“Research shows that the best way to deal with negativity is to observe it, without reaction and without judgement. Then consciously label each negative feeling and replace it with positive, compassionate, and solution – based thoughts” Chris Voss.

This became my coaching philosophy as it makes me constantly reflect on situations in many work environments I experienced in my career...

People are truly bored of the opinionated, the aggressive and judgemental and want a kinder, more community focused, inclusive world

2020 may seem uncertain but there are a few trends that one can almost guarantee:

·      A weariness of corporate messaging and being talked at

·      A desire for genuine and authentic conversations – greater kindness and empathy in action

·      The fact that the talent does not want to be talked at, lectured or patronised. They...

You may be asking “what can I do differently in the NY?”, “how can I make a difference?”……. there are answers. It needs new thinking

When it comes to careers and people, there are three common growing themes that do need proper consideration:

·        Many feel under pressure financially and disengaged professionally

·        Many want to contribute more to social causes and to the community – and want to do this via their companies.

·        The majority are dissatisfied with their jobs...