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Amadeus: Connecting Catering Solutions

Introducing brand new insights from Amadeus

Leading caterer Amadeus are launching a series of new e-newsletters and magazine service which will include insight, innovation and their latest updates.

Breakfast Briefing – The latest hospitality news

“It is a Friday afternoon on the Daily Telegraph comment desk, early June, 2012. The phone rings. I pick up. The ensuing conversation goes something like this. “Hello?” “Ah, yes. Yes. Um … hello … it’s …um … “ “Hi Boris, what’s up?” “It’s just … um … ah … about this Sunday … “ “What about it, Boris?” “Well, the thing is I … ah … might have to file my column a bit later than usual. You see, I’ll be … um … on a boat with the … um … well … the Queen.

This was not welcome news. Boris Johnson warning he would be filing late was like Quentin Tarantino warning his next film would be violent. Boris always filed late.”

Presenting Insights & Action

The thoughts and views of leading consultants and operators. Insights & Action magazine is an open narrative on the market that explains the perspective and dynamics at play.